By creating room in your budget for predictive marketing, you can be more precise in your decision-making, increase revenue, save money, and streamline processes amongst teams.

It’s budget season! The marketing budget process is stressful and complicated. You have to work backwards based on revenue goals, estimate spend for your programs, and determine which new technologies to implement and which ones to kick to the curb.

Since much of your budget, as a marketer, is spent on marketing programs, you have to rely on a lot of guesswork to determine what you need to invest in to hit your revenue numbers. Luckily, predictive marketing can help.

This ebook goes over how to think about budgeting for your demand generation programs and where predictive marketing fits. Learn:

  • What is predictive marketing?
  • How to optimize and cut programs from your overall demand generation budget
  • How to add the right programs and technology to your budget for revenue growth
  • How to evaluate your technology spend
  • How to fit predictive into your planning
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